CCAP Partners with KasKasan Buddies

Join us in our relentless pursuit of promoting responsible credit card usage through our strategic partnership with KasKasan Buddies (KKB), a leading online finance community dedicated to empowering individuals with sound financial knowledge. While credit cards offer undeniable convenience and perks, the potential for misuse leading to overwhelming debt and stress is equally real.

In collaboration with KKB, CCAP aims to provide accredited financial literacy and credit card content, guiding consumers towards a more prudent approach to managing their finances. As Joel Khristopher Cabugos, Co-Founder of Kaskasan Buddies, affirms, “With this partnership, and with CCAP’s educational content and Interbank Debt Relief Program (IDRP), we aim for consumers to develop a better attitude and behavior towards managing their finances and debts.” Additionally, together, through the #FightBudol campaign, we will increase awareness among credit cardholders about scams and empower them to protect themselves from falling victim.

With over 360,000 members since its inception in 2022, KKB stands as a rapidly growing online community where individuals can delve into diverse credit card reviews, uncover enticing deals and promos, discover travel-saving hacks, explore gadget and appliance recommendations, participate in Q&A sessions, and much more. Embracing the mantra, “There’s nothing wrong with being ‘matipid’ & ‘kuripot’ here!”, KKB fosters an inclusive environment where mutual learning thrives.

Our collaboration with KKB signifies a proactive stride towards our objective of advocating responsible credit card usage, empowering individuals to make informed decisions, and adopt prudent spending habits. Our CCAP Executive Director, Mr. Alex Ilagan, expresses his excitement for this collaboration, highlighting the opportunity to educate more credit cardholders via KKB’s growing community.

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