CCAP pushes cards with travel benefits

The Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is encouraging credit card holders that are frequent flyers or regular travelers to make use of cards with travel perks for maximum benefits.

CCAP Executive Director Alex Ilagan said Tuesday, May 14, that the credit card market constantly releases new products and programs specifically geared towards travelers, allowing them to earn points or miles quickly, gain access to airport lounges, and obtain other perks that improve their travel experience.

With that, Ilagan said that frequent flyers now are in a “unique position to benefit from the robust growth of the credit card industry.”

Ilagan encourages travelers with no credit cards with travel benefits to apply for a card at least six months before the planned trip to take advantage of sign-up bonus. This usually takes about three months to earn and around one or two billing cycles after to be credited to the account.

“Credit cards give frequent flyers a unique advantage by enabling them to fly more often, more comfortably. The buying power and travel-related perks Filipinos get from credit cards allow them to achieve their travel goals and indulge in better, elevated experiences,” he added.

CCAP has noted that travel could become more expensive and this is where card holders can take advantage of travel benefits.

Despite travel getting more costly, this does not stop Filipinos from buying airline tickets.

CCAP cited a study by travel platform Klook that 76 percent of Filipinos have travel plans this year such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand.

“Today’s tourists are no longer content with just sightseeing, too. Many prioritize comfort when traveling, as shown by the increasing number of people booking business class seats for their flights in the first three quarters of 2023, according to travel platform Trevolution Group,” said CCAP.

“For people who are planning to travel more this year, having the right credit card is a good way to roam the world,” it added.

CCAP recommends finding the right credit card suitable for one’s travel needs, such as: credit cards with reward categories; with an airline or hotel partnership; ensures easy rewards earnings and redemptions; with low foreign currency conversion fees; and with sign-up bonuses.


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